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Building With Wood- Online- 2.35 Hours (CPD)

The course will go through the following topics in Building with Wood and provide insights to the BC residential builders and professionals:

Building with Wood


        Wood Terminology

        Types of Engineered Wood

        Engineered Wood Benefits



        Engineered Wood Issues

Statically Determinate Wood Structures


        Structural Design


        Design Loads


        Structural Components of a House

Modern Timber Buildings


        Lumber Defects

        Modern Timber

        Modern Timber Benefits

        Timber Frame Construction

        Heavy Timber


        Timber for a Quality Finish

        Why Build a Timber Framed Home

        Tips to Choose the Best Timber Flooring for your House, What About a Timber Framed House

        Timber Use in Architecture

        How to Use Columns

        Elements and Examples of Beam Design

        Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Lateral Force-Resisting Systems

        Moment Resisting Frames

        How to Avoid Breaking Lad Screws

        Rivet Fasteners-A Timeless Fastener

        Joist Hangers

        The Benefits of Shearing Metal Fabrication

        Choosing Screws

        The World of Fasteners

        Interesting Facts about Bolt Fasteners and Their Uses

The goal of the presentation is NOT to elaborate the detailed Building with Wood but to educate the BC residential builders and trade people of the fundamentals of Building with Wood and how to work effectively for best outcomes.

This online course is facilitated by expert team of CPD Institute.