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Foundation Analysis and Structural Steel- Online- 3 hours (CPD)

To have better understanding about  foundation design, foundation loading analysis and structural steel construction in New Residential Construction is essential and very important for a licensed builder,
1. Foundation analysis and design
2. Vancouver typical lane way house structural design
3. Structural steel design for residential building

Learning Objectives:
1. Foundation analysis and design will focus on moment and shearing resistance in contrary to reinforced concrete beam in order to fully understand foundation loading pressure contraction for applied loading, footing rigidity and soil stiffness, so to fully understand foundation reinforcement design and practical construction.
2. To analysis foundation for design to resist sedimentation and differential settlement as well as uniform deposition.
3. There are some special structural considerations for lane way house design in order to suit environmental calculation specified by VBBL2014, course will focus on exterior stud wall design and dormer framing such as shed dormer and gable dormer.
4. Structural steel design and detailing for residential building will focus on some connections and combination for steel beam and wood framing.